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Contact: 015 8171810

ONLY if the land line is out of order contact us on: 072 552 0702.

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About Tshukudu

Tshukudu Game Reserve was started in 1980 on what used to be a cattle ranch. Although many antelope species as well as giraffe were already on the property a variety of animals had to be reintroduced. One of the first were rhinoceros hence the name "Tshukudu" which means "rhino" in Sotho.

Today, Tshukudu is teeming with game, the birdlife is prolific and the bush has reverted to its pristine state. The many Acacia and Marula trees give a real feel of the African Bushveld.

Ian and Sylvia Sussens built up the Self Catering Bush Camp and the environmental educational camps.

After Ian's passing away in 2010, Sylvia and her sons, Patrick, Richard and Steven continue to run the business. They have inherited their Dads passion for the bush.

Sylvia originally comes from Switzerland and is a qualified nurse. She arranges the bookings and the catering side for the educational groups as well as the running of the Curio shop.